Sprinkles Wax Seal - Pack of 10

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Elevate your birthday party invitations with these beautiful handmade mountain wax seal stickers. These wax seals are made with the highest quality wax and colorful party sprinkles. They are the perfect touch on gifts, tags, place cards, menu cards and birthday party details and more.

Wax seals come complete with a self-adhesive sticker for easy application to your project.

Finished seals measure approximately 1-1.25" in diameter. Because of the handmade nature of the seals, each seal will vary slightly. Bubbles in the wax and imperfect edges are also a part of the beauty of the seals. If you prefer a perfectly uniform final product, these seals may not be for you.

Seals are sold in packs of 10.

If you choose to use our seals on the outer envelope of your mailing (we think you should!), we highly suggest using a non-machinable postage stamp and/or visiting with your local post office prior to sending. Sending a test is also a good idea, too. We are not responsible for mail or wax seals that are damaged during their trek through the postal system.