The Narrative Forth Story

Hi, I'm Sara.
A wife and mom who loves strong coffee (black, no room) and good books. I spend my days caring for our two sons as we countdown the hours until dad gets home from work.

As a little girl, I remember sitting at my grandmother’s kitchen table next to a large cardboard box. Inside were hundreds of old black and white family photos, and my grandmother had a story to go with each one. I soaked it all in and shared her naturally nostalgic and sentimental spirit.

Years later in 2013, from that spirit my grandmother inspired, I dreamed up the Narrative Forth concept and handmade the very first journal because one didn't exist on the market. 

Our family simply began using these journals in lieu of cards for special occasions. They quickly enhanced our traditions and became our most treasured keepsakes.

So, I decided to share our favorite family tradition with you.

I have a dream that someday your journal, too, will hold baby handprints, toddler scribbles, childhood artwork, teenage ramblings and heartfelt letters from a grown child to you - all in one place.