How do we use the journal?

When you're preparing to celebrate a special occasion like Mother's Day, ask your child to create an entry in the Dear Mom journal instead of making or buying a card.

Over time, your journal will document a child's love for their mom, and hold years of cherished memories in one place.

Is this a baby book?

No, it's not. We're flipping childhood memories upside down. This one's for you, mama!

Is this hard?

The Dear Mom journal was actually created to make your life easier, in addition to adding a super special rhythm to your family's celebrations.

No more re-inventing the wheel for each birthday, Mother's Day or special occasion. 

No more figuring out where to stash cards from past celebrations.

Who helps my kids fill out the pages?

Older kids might be able to fill out the pages independently with some prompting. But if your child needs more hands-on help, here are some options:

  1. The person who typically helps the child make his or her cards for mom could be a great option. Think a spouse, grandparent, nanny or friend.
  2. In homes with multiple children, older kids can help the little ones.
  3. It could also be you, mama! There are no rules, and working with your child on this might just make the tradition that much sweeter.

What if my kids are older? Is it too late to start?

No! The journal's Entry Spreads are open-ended on purpose. No matter how old your kids are, it can capture special memories from your season of motherhood.

And since those spreads are open-ended, you can also start your journal by pasting in cards and notes you already have! Examples of this may be your first Mother's Day card, a special piece of artwork your child created for you and/or a stamped footprint from when your child was born.

How do I encourage my kids to fill out pages?

This will depend on a child's age and personality. Most importantly, remember there are no rules! Figure out what works in your family and do it. 

For younger children, helping them may mean transcribing their words or offering them art supplies to make a drawing. For older kids, they may need a reminder but less assistance along the way. Regardless of age, ask an adult to help and/or remind the child to create an entry - a spouse, friend or grandparent. It could be you too, mama - remember, there are no rules!

Don't forget about Entry Inspiration! Entry inspiration is included in the journal and can also be found on Pinterest and at #nfentryinspiration on Instagram.

What is Entry Inspiration?

Entry Inspiration was designed to spark creativity and help make a child's entry as meaningful as possible for mom. The inspiration included in the journal is a mix of reflections, wishes and prompts. There are 100+ pieces of inspiration!

Entry Inspiration is sorted into 11 categories:

BY AGE | Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Grade Schooler, Teenager & Grown Child
BY OCCASION | Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Milestones (Graduations, Promotions, Anniversaries, Weddings, Births, Religious & Cultural Celebrations, Retirements) & Just Because

Do I need one journal or one journal per child?

In our family, we have one journal total - both kids write letters to mom in the same one. At the top of the page, there's a place to write the child's name and age, so it makes sharing easy.

But, each child could have his or her own journal for mom, too! It depends on what works best in your family.

What do the inside pages look like?

The majority of pages (100) are Entry Spreads. These are open ended pages with a place to fill in the child's name, age, date and occasion.

Also inside you'll find Entry Inspiration pages to help the child make his or her entry as meaningful as possible for mom.

All pages are on thick white paper with a simple and classic design.

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