Wax Seal FAQs

Can I mail the wax seals on an outer envelope?

Yes! You can (and we think you should!). We highly recommend using a non-machinable postage stamp and consulting with your local post office prior to mailing. It's a good idea to send a test, too.

Please know that there is always a risk of your wax seal getting scuffed, torn or more in the mail. We are not responsible for any mail or wax seals damaged as they make their trek through the mail system.

General Journal FAQs

How and when do we use these Journals?

Simply, anytime you’d naturally write or make a card, use these Journals Instead. Over time, your Journals will hold years of cherished memories in one place.

The Journals are available in three versions:

  1. Dear Mom Journals – to a mom from her child(ren). Use this Journal on occasions like Mother’s Day, Mom’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Just Because and more.
  2. Dear Dad Journals – to a dad from his child(ren). Use this Journal on occasions like Father’s Day, Dad’s Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Just Because and more.
  3. Dear Love Journals – a Journal for couples to exchange cards and letters. Use this Journal on occasions like your Anniversaries, Birthdays, Milestones, When Times Get Hard and more.

Is this hard?

No! In fact, Narrative Forth Journals were created to make your life easier:

No more re-inventing the wheel for each birthday, Mother's/Father’s Day, anniversary or special occasion. 

No more remembering to purchase greeting cards on your next Target run.

No more figuring out where to stash cards from past celebrations.

What is Entry Inspiration?

Entry Inspiration was designed to spark creativity and help make your entries as meaningful as possible. The inspiration included in each Journal is a mix of quotes, reflections, wishes and prompts. There are 100+ pieces of inspiration in each version.

Entry Inspiration is sorted into 11 categories:

Dear Mom Journal
BY AGE | Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Grade Schooler, Teenager & Grown Child
BY OCCASION | Mother's Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Milestones (Graduations, Promotions, Anniversaries, Weddings, Births, Religious & Cultural Celebrations, Retirements) & Just Because

Dear Dad Journal
BY AGE | Baby, Toddler, Preschooler, Grade Schooler, Teenager & Grown Child
BY OCCASION | Father’s Day, Birthday, Valentine's Day, Milestones (Graduations, Promotions, Anniversaries, Weddings, Births, Religious & Cultural Celebrations, Retirements) & Just Because

Dear Love Journal
BY OCCASION | Our Birthdays, Our Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Our Milestones (Our Engagement and Wedding Day, Our Children, Accomplishments and Life Changes, Trips and Vacations, Religious and Cultural Celebrations), Grief, Loss and When Hard Times Come, Just Because.

What do the inside pages look like?

The majority of pages in each Journal (100) are Entry Spreads. These are open ended pages with a place to fill in the details like the occasion and who the Entry is from. Entry Spreads in Dear Mom and Dear Dad Journals are blank, giving the child flexibility to make a drawing, paste in a photo or write a note. Entry Spreads in Dear Love are dot lined, giving you the flexibility to write a letter or paste in photos, etc.

Also inside each Journal you'll find Entry Inspiration pages to help spark creativity and make Entries as meaningful as possible.

All pages are on thick white paper with a simple and classic design.

Are the Journals religious, or do they have religious references?
We believe that these Journals are a special family tradition that celebrate bonds like motherhood, fatherhood and partnerships. We acknowledge that spiritual beliefs play a role in many of these relationships, so we’ve included “Religious and Cultural Celebrations” as an Entry Inspiration section. The Entry Inspiration included in this section is general to accommodate any set of beliefs and backgrounds. Outside of this section, you won’t find additional religious references.

Do you offer an Affiliate program?

Yes! Please email sara@narrativeforth.com to learn more about how you can earn a commission while promoting Narrative Forth.

What is your return policy?

We do accept returns and exchanges of unused Journals within 30 days of the shipment date. To read more about the policy and initiate a return or exchange, visit the Shipping and Returns page.

How long does shipping take?

You can read all about our shipping options and rates on the Shipping and Returns page.

Do you ship internationally?

Sorry, not at this time.

How do I get in touch?

We'd love to hear from you! Email us at sara@narrativeforth.com with questions or concerns. Please allow one business day for a response.


Dear Mom/Dear Dad FAQs

Are the Journals baby books?

No, they’re not. We're flipping childhood memories upside down. These are for you, parents!

Who helps my kids fill out the pages?

Older kids might be able to fill out the pages independently with some prompting. But if your child needs more hands-on help, here are some options:

  1. The person who typically helps the child make his or her cards for mom and/or could be a great option. Think a spouse, grandparent, nanny or friend.
  2. In homes with multiple children, older kids can help the little ones.
  3. It could also be you! There are no rules, and working with your child on this might just make the tradition that much sweeter.

What if my kids are older? Is it too late to start?

No! The Journal's Entry Spreads are open-ended on purpose. No matter how old your kids are, it can capture special memories from your season of parenthood.

And since those spreads are open-ended, you can also start your Journal by pasting in cards and notes you already have! Examples of this may be your first Mother's Day/Father’s Day card, a special piece of artwork your child created for you and/or a stamped footprint from when your child was born.

How do I encourage my kids to fill out pages?

This will depend on a child's age and personality. Most importantly, remember there are no rules! Figure out what works in your family and do it. 

For younger children, helping them may mean transcribing their words or offering them art supplies to make a drawing. For older kids, they may need a reminder but less assistance along the way. Regardless of age, ask an adult to help and/or remind the child to create an entry - a spouse, friend or grandparent. It could be you too, remember, there are no rules!

Don't forget about Entry Inspiration! Entry Inspiration is included in the Journal and can also be found on Pinterest and at #nfentryinspiration on Instagram.

Do I need one Journal or one Journal per child?

In our family, we have one Journal for mom and one Journal for dad - both kids write letters in the same one. At the top of the page, there's a place to write the child's name and age, so it makes sharing easy.

But, each child could have his or her own Journal, too! It depends on what works best in your family.


Dear Love FAQs

Do I need one Journal or one Journal for each of us?

In our family, Scott and I each have a Journal that we use to write to one another. But, the dedication section on each page would make sharing easy. It depends on what works best in your relationship.

What if we’ve been together for many years already? Is it too late to start?

No! The Entry Spreads were designed to be open ended on purpose. Regardless of whether you have a young or old love, you can start on page one of the Journal and document your specific season of life.

Entry Inspiration in the Journal ranges from stages including building a home together through becoming Grandparents. It’s perfect for any age or stage.

Are the Entry Spread pages lined?

They are! We’ve dot lined the Entry Inspiration pages in the Dear Love Journal to help keep your penmanship strait if you are writing a letter to your partner. This design also gives you the flexibility to paste in photos, special papers like ticket stubs, etc.

Does the Journal make reference to “husband” and “wife”?

No. We believe that love comes in many shapes and forms. The Journal does not use words like “husband”, “wife” or “spouse.” Instead, “partner” and “couple” are used.