More Meaning, Less Frenzy | Week 1 of 6

Hi friends! Welcome to week one of our holiday challenge, More Meaning, Less Frenzy. I don't know about you, but I've spent way too many Decembers fretting about getting everything just right. Are the cookies Pinterest-worthy? Are the gifts thoughtful enough? Will my children smile for the Christmas card photo?

To those otherwise good things becoming the focus I say NO MORE. So, I designed these 6 weekly challenges to help you (and me!) soak up the season and savor the things that matter most. It's my hope that they will help us to set it all straight.

A few housekeeping things before we get going: 

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So here we go with our week one challenge.

Set Your Intentions for the Season

For us, and I'm sure you too, 2020 is just flat out going to look different. Our usual family traditions are on hold, and plans with family and friends are up in the air. This has created a bit of breathing room on our calendar, some of which we intend to keep. But, we will be adding extra walks around the neighborhood to admire the Christmas lights, a sure to be favorite for our two young sons. Watching them soak up the magic is just so, so good.


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