Bonus Birthday Entry Inspiration

Happy Birthday to you, mama! 

As a mom myself, I know that you deserve to be spoiled on your special day. And regardless of whether you choose to ask for some alone time (like I do every year - no shame), or something special you've had your eye on, I hope your day begins with a meaningful entry in your Dear Mom Journal.

We've created tons of Entry Inspiration, designed to help spark a child's creativity and make their entry as meaningful as possible for you.

You and your child can find the Inspiration on pages 12-13 of the Journal and on Instagram and Facebook using #nfentryinspiration.

But if that's not enough, here are a few bonus pieces of Inspiration to help you celebrate with this special tradition in your home.

  • My wish for my mom today is...
  • I'm going to make my mom her favorite Birthday dessert: _____.
  • The thing my mom wants most for her Birthday this year is...
  • Mom, when I am your age I will...
  • You have ____ candles on your Birthday cake.